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16.25" 1919A4

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Specializing in Adapters for the MG3 Ground Mount

Browning 30 Caliber Air Cooled 1919A4


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MG3 Ground Mount Tripod Adapter Price List

These mounts lock securely to the tripod just like the MG42 guns mount. They also utilize the recoil system of the tripod, and can be removed in less than 2 seconds from the tripod itself. Very strong, and the gun mounts to the rear so you can sit behind the tripod and shoot from a chair or bench. One man operation with the ammo can holder.

Pintle Trunnion Sleeves

Reduce Your Oversize Trunnion Holes Back to Original Specs!

These are 5/8" OD and 9/16" ID

Made from Seemless Tubing and Parkerized

$9.95@ Plus Actual Shipping Costs





I have a limited # of Firing Pin Spacers available for those experiencing problems with Yugo 50's era 8MM ammunition. Very easy to install.

I have supplied hundreds of these over the past years, and everyone tht has contacted me said they worked great!

Price on these is $11.00 @ shipped anywhere in CONUS. Multiple numbers of three or more will be slightly cheaper. Email me with any questions or to order.




CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK INDEFINITELY nuts for those wishing the SBR their 22 Cal MP40's from GSG.

These are "in the black" alumi-hyde painted, and fit the threaded portion of the front housing that holds the barrel.

As you can see they are VG quality pieces, and are priced at $37.50@ plus $7.15 shipping USPS Priority to CONUS.




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